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Company History and Development of Natalis Outcomes

Natalis Outcomes is a relatively young, yet ambitious health services organization, dedicated to the integration of mental and behavioral health care with primary and specialty care, by offering providers, provider organizations and quality improvement (QI) organizations Health-IT innovations such as web-based outcomes measurement and EHR supported care management solutions.

Natalis Outcomes was started in Saint Paul, Minnesota by two experienced and well respected licensed psychologists, Dr. Jonathan Hoistad, PhD and Dr. James Wojcik, PhD. Both men in their own right are accomplished clinicians. Together, their common vision of a more integrated mental and behavioral health care delivery system led them to start Natalis Outcomes, a private health care services agency with a public health mission.

The piece of the story that brought Dr. Hoistad and Dr. Wojcik together is the Health Dynamics Inventory (HDI), a standardized psychological testing tool developed by Drs. Stephen Saunders, PhD, from Marquette University and Dr. Wojcik, while working for the past three decades at Canvas Health, formerly HSI, Inc. The two co-developed and empirically tested the HDI in the early 1990s before moving it into clinical practice in 1993 through Multi-Health Systems, Inc., based in Toronto, Canada.   The HDI is a broadband, personal health inventory that allows the ordering clinician, MD or LP, CNS, PA or NP to learn about the patient’s global symptoms, global impairment and level of morale, i.e. quality of life and sense of personal well-being. Now, the HDI is a singular component of the Natalis Integrated Health Inventories (NIHI).  Natalis Outcomes, its provider partners and other QI organizations administer the NIHI through a secure, patient portal and remote access site to a user-friendly, software testing application.   The automatically scored results are rapidly transmitted to the patient’s EHR for review and potential action by the ordering clinician and/or the patient’s care manager.