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Our goal is to better meet the needs of individuals experiencing serious mental illness and their families by addressing the individual’s physical, mental, substance use and wellness goals.

The following central tenets help to achieve this goal consistently and routinely:

  1. Use a multidisciplinary team that shares information and collaborates to deliver a holistic, coordinated plan of care
  2. Improve psychosocial and physical health outcomes to improve enrollee’s quality of life
  3. Take a person-centered approach, and engage and respect individuals and families in their health care, recovery and resiliency
  4. Respect, assess and use the cultural values, strengths, languages and practices of individuals and families in supporting an individual’s health goals

Natalis Outcomes Behavioral Health Home Services include the following:

  • Referral to community social support
  • Transitional Services – Chemical Dependency (CD) support, homelessness support, navigating healthcare system, mental health transitional support
  • Health promotion and wellness
  • Care Coordination – Psychology and psychiatry services, therapy, CD treatment
  • Patient and family support
  • Accessing resource – Transportation, supportive employment, housing

Who is Eligible?

  • Actively enrolled in medical assistance or a PMAP
  • Have a diagnosed or potential serious mental illness or serious and persistent mental illness
  • Have a current diagnostic assessment (within 1 year). And if client does not, Natalis Outcomes can provide services for diagnostic assessment.
  • Those who are not currently engaged in Targeted Case Management (TCM) of any kind, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), or health care homes care coordination

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Behavioral Health Home?

  • It is an agency that collaborates with your mental health and primary care providers
  • It is a new way of managing your care.
  • It is a place where you can go to receive help navigating your mental and physical health needs.
  • It can also help you access social services, transportation, and other supports.

Is a Behavioral Health Home a place where people live? No. It is not a residence or a place to live. It is not a group home or nursing home. It is a new service that helps you with your health care and service needs.

How can the Behavioral Health Home help me? It can help you manage your health, along with the services and supports your case manager provides now. It can:

  • Help you make an individual plan that includes your mental health and physical health strengths, needs, and goals;
  • Help you and your providers work together;
  • Help you get the services and supports you need;
  • Help you with referrals;
  • Help you get services if you are coming home from the hospital or residential service;
  • Help give you information about your care.

How is a Behavioral Health Home different from my current case management services? It is a new way to provide case management.

  • It is a team approach, so you work with a case manager, a nurse, a clinical team leader, and a peer support specialist.
  • It is integrated, so it can help you reach your goals for both mental health recovery and physical health.
  • It is a partnership with primary care and your behavioral health home team and your primary care provider work together to better coordinate care.
  • It includes consumer and family supports and education, so you can get information and support when you need it.

Does a “team approach” mean a lot of different people will come to my house? No. It means you will have support from other people on the team when you need it.

I like the services I have now. Do I have to change them? No. This is your choice. You can keep getting the services you have now, or you can try services with a Behavioral Health Home. 

If I join the program, will I have to change case managers? That depends. If your case manager is from ACT, TCM or DD (developmentally delayed waiver), you may stay with the case manager you have and you would not be eligible for our program. Or if you are not receiving TCM, ACT or DD Waiver case management, then you can talk to your current case manager about how our services will work for you.

I would like help managing my physical and mental health needs and think the Behavioral Health Home might work for me. How do I join?

You can call Natalis Outcomes for more information at 612-800-6500.

You can go to the Natalis Outcomes website and click referral forms to apply to see if you are eligible

If you get case management now, you can talk to your case manager about the service.

What if I don’t like this new service? You can leave the service at any time and go back to your usual case management. You can also try the Behavioral Health Home with a different provider. The choice is yours

Will it cost me anything to be in this program? No, there is no charge to you for the service.

Will I lose my Medical Assistance or other eligibility if I join or don’t join the Behavioral Health Home program? No.   Your decision to join our program or not will not change your Medical Assistance eligibility

Will I get transportation to my appointments? Your Behavioral Health Home team can work with you to access transportation and other services that you may be eligible for.

I am not ready to join in the Behavioral Health Home Program. Can I join later if I decide I want to? Yes. If you decide later that you want to join the program, you can still do so. If you think you might want to join, talk with your mental health provider or your primary care provider.

What if I join and I don’t like the service? Can I quit or leave the services after I have been enrolled? Yes. The service is voluntary. You decide if it is right for you. Even after you join, you can leave at any time.

Why is Natalis Outcomes offering this new service? People with mental illness often have physical health issues they need help with both.

This new service will help you:

  • Be healthier,
  • Avoid going to the Emergency Room or hospital
  • Get the services and supports you need for recovery from mental and physical health issues

Key Services Provided:

  • Offer motivational interviewing towards setting meaningful personal goals
  • Maintain regular person-to-person contact with enrollee to build personal trust
  • Seek permission to work with and engage family members and friends
  • Assist with scheduling transportation to and from health related appointments
  • Involve in interdisciplinary community based care to support independent living
  • Provide transitional care needs; from institutional to community based settings
  • Work with enrollees to secure short term residential care & housing
  • Support vocational skills training and employment seeking activities
  • Work with enrollees to complete and review program entitlement applications
  • Support medication management and adherence with medication therapy
  • Communicate with enrollee’s providers, e.g., PCP, DDS, RD, RN, LicSW, etc.
  • Refer to specialty care services as needed, i.e. psychotherapy

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